The Digital Revolution of the Music Industry

Having just returned from Bestival, a music festival located in the Isle of Wight, it made me think just how much digital has impacted the music industry over the last couple of decades. In terms of festivals, I have been a regular festival-goer over the last five or so years so have witnessed how organisers have increasingly brought music entertainment …

wcgThe Digital Revolution of the Music Industry

Fight off Winter Blues

All your presents and cards have been opened, and there are just a few Christmas goodies remaining. The festive period has passed and many of you returning to work for January 2014 may be feeling the post-holiday gloom. So here are a few tips to fight off those winter blues… 1. Socialise with friends as if it’s the lead up …

wcgFight off Winter Blues

Online competitions

I recently bought a packet of crisps advertising a competition on the front of the packet; ‘WIN a marsupial of your choice OR £25,000…’ How juicy the prize sounded, I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I entered. All I needed to do was to purchase the crisps and enter the 10-digit code on the back of the packet online. It …

wcgOnline competitions

Southampton’s cultural and digital arts regeneration

Teresa thinks about the positive impact Southampton’s new cultural regeneration could have on local people the city. Despite the joint bid between Southampton and Portsmouth failing when Hull was awarded the UK City of Culture 2017, there is some positive news from one of the cities. Work began on Southampton’s new £21 million arts complex last week, on the site …

wcgSouthampton’s cultural and digital arts regeneration

The Young Traveller Returns

Returning home from a 6 month travelling expedition as a young nineteen-year-old, I had some big decisions to make. The exploration and discovery of South East Asia had come to an end, for now, and the time had come to think about a career/further education. I was particularly confused as to whether University was right for me. So, I worked …

wcgThe Young Traveller Returns

Web Trends – the sticky header

In this first part of our web-trends series we look at the sticky header. The sticky header (or persistent header) is when the top bar of a website – which usually contains the primary navigation, logo and contact details – stays with you, at the top of the screen, even as you scroll down a website. This is particularly useful …

wcgWeb Trends – the sticky header

The customer is always right…

Recent purchases both on line and in store have brought home to me just how important customer service is to the customer. It’s very easy to forget the simple, yet very effective, things that really make a difference to customers when you are busy at work with deadlines and a hundred things to do. Let me give you a couple …

wcgThe customer is always right…

The Big 40

Well, after hitting the big 40 this year, I began to reflect on my childhood. This has made me realise that it is now time to call myself an adult. After all, I am a wife, mother, property owner, and have responsibilities, which only come with adulthood! The change has been pretty big from child to adult, and not just …

wcgThe Big 40

The fun of Gaming Marketing

Currently, the next generation of games consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, are in the process of hitting shelves. These might be entertainment systems, but Sony and Microsoft are proving that marketing consoles is not all fun and games. This year, we have seen some of the biggest and most expensive gaming industry marketing campaigns in history. From huge launch events …

wcgThe fun of Gaming Marketing

The Hare and The Bear

So, this week saw John Lewis debut its long-awaited and anticipated Christmas TV ad. Here at Whites, we were all eagerly ready for the sneak peak on Friday. We’d already watched Marks and Spencer’s Magic & Sparkle advert and debated its merits against John Lewis’ previous award-winning adverts. Our verdict… it wasn’t anything special. We felt it didn’t capture the …

wcgThe Hare and The Bear